What Keeps Me Going?

What Keeps Me Going?
DEATH WISH #grinditout

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Saturday, November 10, 2018

WTP 01: Open That up and Just SMELL The Freshness

After years of talking about it I am finally making the jump. This is a medium I should have jumped on a long time ago. A platform I can talk about things I like to talk about and you the listener can give feedback on or just listen and enjoy.

This show I talk about some movies I have seen lately using the Sinemia App. I did Moviepass for a year and that was a great ride while it lasted.

Moviepass was simple, quick and addictive, I knew it wouldn’t last as it was too good to be true. How could a company keep shelling out money like that. I managed to see 47 Movies in less than a year.

Sinemia was my replacement, Moviepass just was not doable anymore. They changed up what you could see and when vs go anytime and see anything.

Sinemia for 9.99 a month I get 3 movies my choice, you do however have to pay convenience fees as they don’t have the debit card like Moviepass. So it ends up being closer 20 a month for 3 movies, which is still a deal as long as you see 2 movies. I go for all 3. I also use the Atom App to get my tickets, you get 4 movies you then get a free one. So some months you will get 4 movies for 20 bucks.

If you like the big screen this is a really great deal.

TV what am I watching and what are you watching?
Bloodline, Walking Dead

Bloodline is a decent 3 season Netflix show. Interesting how the past can cause a chain reaction to the future.

Walking Dead, After a few rocky seasons it looks like it just might be headed in a great direction. We shall see.

Music I am digging right now, Roxanne “Radio Silence”



Podcast I Dig!



Where the recording Takes Place (most of the time)
Dan Fort Studios


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

WTP 00: Introduction to What The Pat Podcast

Hello and Welcome to The What The Pat Podcast. I welcome you on this journey of Tech, TV, Movies, Music, Photography and more. I talk about what I like, what new things I am trying out and what is going on in my media world.

Thanks for stopping in and I hope you stick around for the journey.