What Keeps Me Going?

What Keeps Me Going?
DEATH WISH #grinditout

Sunday, December 9, 2018

WTP 04: Star Wars My Thoughts on The Last Jedi, TV on my Radar andddd I have no idea

This is what happens when you forget it is Photo Day.
(or did I forget?)
Thank You Zombiekillerjimbob
 "Really liking the show ***** by Zombiekillerjimbob Great show man. Love the format and material. Always nice to hear about new shows or music."

Almost a year has passed and I still wonder WTF with TLJ. Funny how a movie can affect you. I left loving it but then realized I was trying to trick myself.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Cold Brewin!

The Path/Streaming On Hulu


Rhino Bucket...Straight up ROCK! No bells, no whistles, just Rock N Roll!


Saturday, December 1, 2018

WTP 03: Overlord has been watched, coffee has been poured so let's GO

It is the Overlord war/horror segment, what's in my cup and latest shows I am streaming. I have a little confessional moment and just keep on rolling. Walking Dead looks to be rolling back with some steam in the tank, Survivor is having the best season ever IMO. 

Trench 11

Peak Design

Black Riffle Coffee Company Click and Save 20%



Discord Accords

The Walking Dead......Did I Just Hear Something?

Def Leppard-Personal Jesus Cover

Harland Williams Podcast tons of wacky fun comedy!

The Harland Highway


Saturday, November 24, 2018

Saturday, November 10, 2018

WTP 01: Open That up and Just SMELL The Freshness

After years of talking about it I am finally making the jump. This is a medium I should have jumped on a long time ago. A platform I can talk about things I like to talk about and you the listener can give feedback on or just listen and enjoy.

This show I talk about some movies I have seen lately using the Sinemia App. I did Moviepass for a year and that was a great ride while it lasted.

Moviepass was simple, quick and addictive, I knew it wouldn’t last as it was too good to be true. How could a company keep shelling out money like that. I managed to see 47 Movies in less than a year.

Sinemia was my replacement, Moviepass just was not doable anymore. They changed up what you could see and when vs go anytime and see anything.

Sinemia for 9.99 a month I get 3 movies my choice, you do however have to pay convenience fees as they don’t have the debit card like Moviepass. So it ends up being closer 20 a month for 3 movies, which is still a deal as long as you see 2 movies. I go for all 3. I also use the Atom App to get my tickets, you get 4 movies you then get a free one. So some months you will get 4 movies for 20 bucks.

If you like the big screen this is a really great deal.

TV what am I watching and what are you watching?
Bloodline, Walking Dead

Bloodline is a decent 3 season Netflix show. Interesting how the past can cause a chain reaction to the future.

Walking Dead, After a few rocky seasons it looks like it just might be headed in a great direction. We shall see.

Music I am digging right now, Roxanne “Radio Silence”



Podcast I Dig!



Where the recording Takes Place (most of the time)
Dan Fort Studios


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

WTP 00: Introduction to What The Pat Podcast

Hello and Welcome to The What The Pat Podcast. I welcome you on this journey of Tech, TV, Movies, Music, Photography and more. I talk about what I like, what new things I am trying out and what is going on in my media world.

Thanks for stopping in and I hope you stick around for the journey.